Industrial 14.4 V MicroLithium Cordless Drills

Our NEW Industrial 14.4 V MicroLithium Cordless Drills offer the precision and performance of a pneumatic drill with cordless convenience.

Target Customers include:

  • Aerospace and Aviation
  • Manufactured Housing & RV
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Transportation
  • Assembly - working in confined areas, more productivity with less fatigue, Mobility
  • General MRO - ideal for continuous drilling applications, additional tooling available with 14.4V battery
  • Shipbuilding
  • Trailer Bodies
  • Technical Training and Education


microLithium cordless drill
drill more holes
Drill more holes per battery with the proper drill speed and grip behind the bit.

Example: 50% more 3/16″ holes drilled into 7075 Aluminium with one 2.5 A-hour battery compared to one 5.0 A-hour DIY drill and battery.

comfort essential
Comfort is essential when you are drilling all day long.

Industrial 14.4 V MicroLithium drills are ergonomic to be comfortably used for long periods.

precise drilling b
Get precise drilling with proper grip behind the drill bit.

Proper grip and finger alignment helps you achieve consistently better results.

Drill comfortably, repetitively... all day.

21 piece
21 Piece Jobber Length ThunderBit® High-Speed 135° Split Point Drill Bit Set


  • Includes 1/16–3/8″ drill bits in a metal drill index
  • Industrial-grade steel with bronze oxide surface treatment
  • Bits drill at higher speeds in tougher drilling conditions
  • 135° split points for easier drill starting without the need for centre punching
  • Heavy-duty web construction for higher strength and less breakage
  • Improved chip ejection through specially engineered flute design
microlithium battery
14.4 V MicroLithium 2.5 ah Battery


  • Works with all Snap-on 14.4 V MicroLithium series tools
  • Fast 70-minute charge time
microlithium charger
14.4 V MicroLithium Battery Charger


magnetic boot
Magnetic Boot


  • Easy-on, easy-off twist attachment for 14.4 V MicroLithium cordless battery pack

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