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Tool control that puts you in command

For technicians, lost tools can kill a productive workday with wasted time. That’s why Snap-on has kept technicians organized and productive since 1920. Now, over 100 years later, Snap-on offers the most advanced form of tool control in the industry: Tool Control Level 5.

From seamlessly integrated access control to fully automated systems that automatically monitor who has which tools and where they’re working, Level 5 improves every aspect of tool management. And it works with your crew, never against them, to decrease downtime and improve productivity. That way everyone can concentrate on what matters most – the job at hand.

Tool Control

The Snap-on Level 5 ATC system works at the speed you do

Open the box, get the tools, go to work. Other systems require additional steps to scan or log activity. We do it automatically so you don’t waste time, and you don’t need to depend on other steps to insure accurate results.

Snap-on Tool Control Level 5 ATC system boxes are network-ready, either through Ethernet or wireless connection. That means you can review activity at all the Level 5 ATC boxes in your location from a central computer—you don’t have to physically inspect each box.


  • No individual tool scanning required
  • No RFID tags to install or replace
  • No limitations on tool size—from 1/4” screwdriver bit to as long as it fits in a drawer
  • Intuitive interface—easy-to-use touchscreen
  • Audible voice confirmation of tool removal and replacement
  • Automatic locking
  • Errors announced and displayed for incorrect tool position or drawer not closed

Powerful Administrative Software

Tool Control Level 5 ATC boxes are networked, either wirelessly or by Ethernet and managed by powerful, easy-to-use software. The administrator can view all the boxes on the network, whether they are on or off-line, and the status of each box—including the number of tools issued, the active users, and all history. System alerts—sending email or text messages to supervisors, for example—can be customized for lost or broken tools or calibration requirements.

Custom reports can be created on each tool’s frequency of use, inspection and calibration dates, and other specific location requirements.

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Let's look at tool control level 5

Don't let a game of hide and seek control your day. Take back your day and your tools with the Snap-on Level 5 Tool Control System

Tool Box New

Select and organised for your crew's distinct need for speed.

The more organised you are, the easier it is to get the job done right. Starting with a complete tool audit conducted by a Snap-on Solutioneer, we’ll help you determine the level of tool control requirements you need. From roll cabinets to carts and can add a specialized tool set designed with your specific applications in mind. Implementing proper tool control can improve productivity, control inventory, reduce losses and standardize work.

Organisation - Custom Kitting

Custom Kitting

No matter how big or small the application, Snap-on’s robust, flexible and scalable capabilities enable us to create a versatile range of kitting solutions – from stationary, mobile and transportable sets and much more. We supply kits for everything from servicing copy machines, to maintaining and repairing tanks, helicopters, oil rigs and jumbo jets. Standard or custom, large or small – from our state of the art kitting centre, Snap-on does it all.

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Tool Storage

Proper organization allows your team to find what they are looking for, while keeping tools safe. Snap-on can provide a complete tool audit to help you determine the best tool storage product to meet your needs. We even offer mobile solutions – allowing you to take your tools where you need them.

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Organisation - Tool Storage

Organisation - Mobility


Sometimes you have to take your tools ‘on the road’ to get the job done. That doesn’t mean you have to throw your tools into a bag and throw organization out the window. Our comprehensive offering of mobile tool solutions, including all-weather mobile tool chests and dog boxes, keep you mobile—and organised.

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When your crew sees the tools they need, you'll see output improve.

Finding the right tool for the job can take time. By increasing tool visibility, we decrease the time it takes for your technicians to find the tool they need. We make it easier for missing tools to be noticed and returned. Our selection of high-visibility tool handles, custom color foam inserts, toolbox organizers, and pegboards don’t just raise the visibility of your tools, they raise the productivity of your team.

Visibility - Visual Control

Visual Control Cabinets

The Snap-on® Visual Control Cabinet (VCC) gives you a full view of your tools for instant accountability and inventory management. Available in 2 sizes, these cabinets can hold an extensive number of tools securely with keyed or keyless entry. Customisation is available through the optional interior tool control functions such as foam inserts or peg boards. With an optional rolling cart or rolling cab, you can position the visual control cabinet close to the work so your technicians always have the right tools at the ready.

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When things are easy to see, problems are easier to notice. Our Visual Control Cabinets are equipped with Makrolon AR Polycarbonate windows (the same material used in jet fighter cockpits) for “at-a-glance” tool management that doesn’t compromise security. It also keeps the tool chest high, reducing the need to bend and stretch for tools, creating ergonomic working environment. Oil & Gas – On offshore platforms, each level is given a unique colour of Teflon coated tools to help differentiate the tools of one level from the tools of another, ensuring the right tools are used for the job and maximizing productivity.

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Visibility - Safety

Visibility - Compliance


Aviation – Foreign Object Debris costs the aerospace industry millions of pounds a year in damage to equipment and personnel. Using a Visual Control Cabinet or Storage Cage makes it easy to eliminate FOD. After maintenance, technicians can ensure that every tool is accounted for with a simple visual inspection.

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Keep your tools secure, organised and in the hands of the technicians who need them.

Don’t get locked in to using keys that can be lost or shared. Our tool storage units have Keyless Access Control, which means your teams have access to just the tools they need. Our proprietary software manages tool storage unit access at the individual user level, allowing either stand-alone or networked control.

Access Control - Safety


Access Control is all about security. That means giving you the access you need, in all the ways you need it, including granting access by time, user and date. Our system automatically notes who opened the box, and for how long. It even records any unauthorized attempts to access the tool storage unit. And with keyless administrative access, you never have to worry about locking yourself out from a day’s work.

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Alpha Box

Alpha Box™ is a proven tool control solution that delivers access control with upgrade potential. Each box features keyless entry with employee badges for convenience, safety and security. The CAD-developed tool control foam in each drawer provides superior organization and secure tool control management.

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Access Control - Alpha Box

Access Control - Compliance


Keeping industry compliant means keeping your tools out of the wrong hands. By eliminating keys, which can be easily lost or stolen, Snap-on stops tool shrinkage and reduces the downtime caused by missing tools. By increasing the accountability of your techs without impeding tool access for authorized users, we make staying compliant a snap.

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Keep track of your crew's tools and where they use them, without losing track of time.

Take asset management to a whole new level of speed, control, accuracy and cost-effectiveness with True-CribTM and True-SiteTM software. Snap-on Level5 Tool Control System is smarter than ever. With True-Crib software, comprehensive analysis, reporting and inventory tracking of your tool crib assets is simple, intuitive and easy to operate. True-Crib uses barcode scans and talking software, creating the most accurate way to check tools in and out. True-Site software networks your Level 5 equipment together, including tool cribs and standalone tool storage units. True-Site reports inventory, tool usage, tool maintenance, location and more for greater visibility and ease of management.

Asset Management - True-Crib


Snap-on’s True-Crib software is simple, intuitive and easy to operate. It provides faster, more accurate check in and out of assets in your tool crib while providing comprehensive analysis, reporting and tracking for your tool crib. Being able to accurately account for tools, equipment and consumables, at all times, is important in maintaining productivity and ensuring jobs are completed as scheduled. True-Crib software acts as the brains behind tool control by monitoring tool movements from the time they’re checked out of a tool crib until they are returned. All this, without the costs of lost tools and equipment. Saving time and money by not tracking down assets or filling out requests for equipment to be replaced. With our True-Crib software managing assets, you can focus on the task at hand.

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L5 Connect

Software to network all of your asset-managed tool sites together! Part of the Level 5 Tool Control System, L5 Connect software networks all your asset-managed sites together. This software offers customization to fit your organization’s needs! It provides monitoring and control for all tools using Automatic Tool Control (ATC) toolboxes and lockers and connects those ATC assets to cribs using True-Crib. Having one central platform monitoring tool cribs and ATC assets is a great way to increase an organization’s overall efficiency while fully tracking and accounting for every tool in their inventory. Streamline the management of your tools and equipment by creating maintenance checks, scheduling tool calibration, establishing permissions, downloading and generating reports, and much more.

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L5 Connect Screen on Monitor SMALL

Subtract error from the equation. Multiply your productivity and minimize error automatically.

When critical industry processes and concerns require the elimination of FOD and FME problems, the solution is to minimize human error. Let your Snap-on® ATC handle the control and tracking automatically. By adding Automated Tool Control Solutions, systematic solutions begin to standardize work, improve productivity, control inventory, reduce losses, Control FOD, improve security, implement an audit trail, increase accountability, enable oversight prevention and regulate calibration and maintenance reminders.

Automation - Tool Control

Automated Tool Control

With advanced digital imaging technology and proprietary software, Level 5 Automated Tool Control System® (ATC) scans the tool drawer and records which tools are removed and replaced in real time. You know where everything is at all times without your techs being slowed down for a second. The system also knows when tools are broken, allowing you to replace or repair them right away. It’s tool control that works hard to keep your techs working at their best.

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As with any tool storage system, safety and security are top priorities. Since it’s completely automated, you can rely on our ATC to tell you when tools are unaccounted for, keeping the equipment you’re working on safe. Plus, our advanced design means worry-free operation. Our ATC batteries have state-of-the art circuit protection to prevent accidental shorts or overheating.

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Automation - Safety

Automation - Compliance


The ATC isn’t just user friendly. Because it also eliminates the potential for any human error during check-in, check-out, and tracking, it meets the highest levels of FOD and FME compliance of any of our automated tool control systems.

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Tool Crib

The ATC Portal is a cutting-edge solution for automated tool issues and returns in existing store rooms. This system utilizes Class 1 Gen 2 RFID technology, complete with photo beam sensors and an electronically controlled gateway, ensuring 24/7 availability with security and accountability. The high-resolution 19” touchscreen display offers a user-friendly interface for greater assurance of item identification, even down to specific serial numbers. With an emergency door release and the ability to reassign tags, the ATC Portal provides a comprehensive inventory tracking experience. Wired and wireless networking capabilities, an RFID reader, and two RF antennas allow for seamless integration into any existing setup. Whether tracking tools, equipment, or other assets, the ATC Portal offers unmatched efficiency and control.

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AUTO CRIB Inteliport SNAP ON Branding 2 small
Custom Tools shutterstock 106635818 uai


You know your area of work better than anyone.

That’s why Snap-on lets you adapt all the features of your storage solution to any industrial environment or process. Choose your width, height, drawers, color, layout and more.

Whatever your specifications, our storage systems are robust and secure, and durable security features are at the heart of every design. It’s all you need to get the workspace that meets your needs.

Special Kits

We work closely with you to develop the optimum tool grouping for your service program, your mission. You get the kit you need. The kit you want. And that’s the key. It’s about meeting your individual needs.

Cornerstone kits. These are pre-engineeered kits made specifically for a particular aircraft or mission. We’ve got the experience. We’ve got the know-how. No questions, no concerns. Just grab and go.

Individuality you can trust

Every job requires different tools. Snap-on offers an unprecedented level of customization to meet your individual requirements.

From custom kit design solutions to the development of new custom tools for your specific problem, if you need the right tools for your job, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Five-StarTool Kitting Approach

Lots of options for organizing tools: bags, shadow boards, tool silhouette stickers, foam inserts for portable cases, individual foam layouts for toolbox drawers and much more. A good organization increases productivity.

Management follows organization. Whether you need simple visual management or a program that meets the requirements of FOD and FME, we can tailor a management program to almost any need with our Level 5 Tool Control offering.

You need a tool that goes beyond our standard offer? That's not a problem. We organize the appropriate tool and integrate it into your equipment.

At Snap-on we can laser-engrave your tools to match your identification system. It does not matter whether you are looking for etching for a special set or for a serial marking for the tools.

Sometimes you need someone to check the inventory, update it and get replacements on site. Snap-on supports you with all tool requirements.

Our Programs

Workmanship, quality and innovation have a long tradition at Snap-on. Our products are light, durable, strong and, above all, safe.

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Snap-On.Committed to ensuring the safety of your staff and customers.

Workmanship, quality and innovation have a long tradition at Snap-on. Our products are light, durable, strong and, above all, safe. If you'd like to know more about our range of products download our catalogue below.

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Snap-On.Committed to ensuring the safety of your staff and customers.

Workmanship, quality and innovation have a long tradition at Snap-on. Our products are light, durable, strong and, above all, safe. If you'd like to know more about our range of products download our catalogue below.

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