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Snap-on Tethered Tools Protect Lives When Working at Height.

Oil and gas engineers and technicians required to work at height, often in challenging offshore locations and appalling weather, are well aware of the risk of hand tools or equipment falling or being dropped – and of the potential consequences.

As well as posing a major threat to anyone working below, falling tools can also cause serious damage to vital systems and machinery, causing highly expensive downtime.

Dropped objects are consistently the third most frequent cause of death or serious
injury in the oil and gas industry. A hand tool such as a torque wrench falling
from height will accelerate to around 80mph before it hits the ground, with a force of impact
similar to that of a plunging domestic washing machine.

The success of the safety focused Tools@Height programme from Snap-on Industrial depends
upon the Tethered Tools Protect tethering all tools to prevent them inadvertently falling or being dropped. All
tools are designed with strong, integrated fixing points to enhance safety and functionality when used at height or near critical assemblies.

Says Richard Packham, Snap-on Industrial’s Director, UK & Europe: “No responsible
engineer or technician wants to work at height, with all its challenges, without knowing they can rely totally on their safety equipment to protect both themselves and others working below
them, as well as safeguarding vital systems and machinery from damage.”

Tools @ Height

“At Snap-on we follow an extensive research, development and quality management programme which has resulted in advanced design, manufacturing, testing and operating procedures covering safety and dropped object prevention.”

“Our objective is to continue being a totally professional, dependable company which contributes to its customers’ wellbeing by offering the highest standard of safety and productivity solutions.”

The oil and gas industry has taken a global lead in working to combat the threat caused by falling tools and other objects. Tethering tools to their users is one of the many vital precautions which companies require of those working on platforms or onshore.

Years ago Snap-on pioneered anti-drop solutions to benefit construction workers building skyscrapers in the USA. Its Tools@Height range has been developed in consultation with the most demanding users to understand exactly what functionality is required.

The result is a wide range of tools which incorporate fixings to enable hand and power tools to be securely tethered to Snap-on lanyards, bags, pouches and belts. This is not only ideal for using tools but also provides secure tool transportation to the workplace.

Four holes are better and safer than one. Snap-on Tools@Height sockets, adapters and extensions have a locking hole on all four sides. Drive tools and ratchets have a locking pin which fits into the side locking hole to ensure positive locking. Less secure attachments with a hole only on one side are at risk of falling apart.

The Snap-on Tools@Height range reduces the risk of damage to equipment engineers are working on and, more importantly, to the people they are working with.

There is compelling evidence that using tools designed and manufactured to be tethered is a lot safer than adapting existing tools for working at height. Engineered attachment points do not interfere with the functionality or efficiency of tools designed to be tethered.

When working at height engineers or technicians should retain three points of contact for their safety: two feet on a platform and one hand on a secured infrastructure. To address the risk caused when it’s necessary to use both hands to attach a tool to a tethering device Snap-on have developed safety solutions.

For example, a tool belt in which each tool as its own pouch or holster with a tethering device already installed. This enables tools to be accessed and replaced with just one hand.

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Turnkey solutions: Snop-on Tethered Tools Protect supplies individual tools or customer specific kits. Components are delivered to customers’ premises fully assembled and ready for immediate use.

Snap-on Account Managers have the knowledge and experience to train customers’ teams in the safe and efficient use of Tools@Height products. Standardised positioning of the fastening elements reduces time spent in training. Tools@ Height can be implemented for a fraction of the cost of in-house systems.

Fixings: include safety chucks, Kevlar strings or Dyneema strings for screwdrivers, spring connections for wrenches, loops, eye bolts, shackles and safety pins for pliers, hammers and other tools.

Lanyards: retractable Snap-on lanyards are certified against international standards. They are quality tested in both static and dynamic tests in conditions more rigorous and demanding than any likely to be encountered. For the dynamic test a security coefficient 2, factor 2 test is performed.

Their lanyards, capable of holding up to 12kg, feature universal attachments for tools which do not have any integrated attachment point. Several types of lanyard are available, including carabiner, fixed loop, exchangeable loop, retractable and wrist lanyards.

The carabiner lanyard, manufactured in high tenacity polyester, fully extends to 120cm and can hold up to 3kg maximum tool weight (3 daN).

Its carabiners are non-removable and high strength webbing and self-retracting inner coil jointly absorb shock.

Snap-on’s wrist lanyard extends to 60cm, holds up to 1kg weight and features an exchangeable loop with barrel lock.

Additional quick release connections are available but, for safety reasons, their locking system is compatible only with the specific lanyard they are intended to be used with.

Pouches and belts: designed to make life easier, as well as safer, Snap-on tool pouches and belts are made from hardwearing 600x600d polyester to resist heavy duty wear and tear.

They provide flexible solutions with rings to attach lanyards and hooks to hold tools in loose connectors. Multiple inner compartments offer tool organisation, while quick-access external pockets include one to hold a socket set and another for a water bottle. Adjustable chest and shoulder safety straps provide maximum comfort.

Belts are available in different versions, providing up to four hooks for loose connectors, each capable of holding up to 3kg per hook, plus up to three rings for lanyards, with a capacity of 100 daN per ring.

Separate power drill and hammer holders are also available.

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