snap on GroundZero4WD

Snap-on supported a company in Sweden who was victim of an arson attack.

GroundZero4WD suffered from an arson attack. We provided support in the way of a selection of tools to help them get back on their feet.

Here it is GroundZero4WD reaction on their Instagram:

Well Christmas has come early! Absolutely blown away by the generosity of the guys at @snapon_official . A few weeks ago I posted on my own page a particularly personal story about the loss of some very special snap-on tools Björn had. I posted it on my page, because it was very personal. But the guys at snap-on saw the post and got in touch. The compassion and understanding was far more than I would have expected from such a large business but after a brief chat I gave them our details and yesterday this incredible parcel arrived. I think we were all as excited as Charlie is here about the tools (maybe slightly less vocal), but what an incredible gift. A special thank you to Richard the correspondent who got in touch and organised the tools. We are truly grateful guys, thank you so much. 🙏

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