New ATC Portal


AUTO CRIB Inteliport SNAP ON Branding 2 small

Provides a secure, accurate, and flexible self-service inventory tracking experience

A turnkey system of radio frequency identification readers (RFID) placed at a choke point to track movement of RFID tags in and out of a controlled area.

The portal is the perfect solution for applications where a high number of items need to be issued or where there are many large or bulky items and a great choice for smaller store rooms and cribs.

It’s excellent for high traffic cribs because multiple employees can “shop” simultaneously which eliminates long lines at the tool crib.

Vend and track an unlimited number of items at all different types, sizes and shapes with ease using the Snap-on Portal.

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Utilising RFID technology, the portal can control an unlimited number of inventory items through an automated gateway.

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Easily installed in any pre-existing tool crib or storage area providing control of your inventory.

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Easy as checking in and checking out. The system tracks the issue and return of different types, sizes and shapes of items.


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