14.4 v MicroLithium Mini Drills

Our 14.4v MicroLithium Mini Drills are perfect for any industry where small holes are needed in hard-to-reach locations. These multi-faceted drills can also run other items like reams and sealant removal cutters.

Target Customers include:

  • Aerospace manufacturers, military and civilian aircraft MRO, structures, avionics
  • Public transportation manufacturers — bus, subway, trains
  • General transportation MRO and overhaul
  • Public safety (ambulance, fire, police) vehicle construction and repair
  • Electronic component manufacturing, installation
  • HVAC manufacturing and installation
  • Aviation education programs


14.4 v MicroLithium Mini Drills

SEE THE 14.4v MicroLithium Mini Drills IN ACTION

Below are some images of our 14.4v MicroLithium Mini Drills working in spaces inaccessible to a traditional drill!

14.4 v MicroLithium Mini Drills

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